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Is your brand using push notifications strategically?

Push notifications can be annoying when used haphazardly, but they can also be hugely effective when delivered at the ideal time and in the right context. They’re a great way to keep your brand top of mind for consumers and make sure visitors to your site continue to engage with your content.

Here are a few tips for using push notifications effectively:

1. Don’t send a push notification just because you can. It’s important that you only use this tool when it makes sense to do so, i.e., when you have something genuinely relevant to share with your audience.

2. Make sure the content is useful and compelling enough that recipients won’t hesitate to click through to read more. This is different from an email, which people may click on out of mere curiosity, or a social notification that causes someone to view a post without thinking much about it. You need to give them a reason to want more information from you, and then deliver on that promise once they click through.

3. Don’t send push notifications too frequently; otherwise people will start ignoring them or unsubscribing from them altogether. If there isn’t truly something new and exciting to tell readers, don’t send

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